on the issues

enhancing public safety

Dawn is fighting for safer neighborhoods in San Bernardino County. By working with Sheriff Shannon Dicus, Dawn is committed to increasing the number of deputies that patrol our communities and has been a key ally in the fight against sex trafficking crimes in San Bernardino County. She has also worked with the Sheriff’s department in the implementation of the specialized investigation teams that have resorted in 960 arrests and 40 human trafficking victims rescued.

protecting vulnerable populations

Dawn is working to improve treatment for our homeless population, services for foster children and protecting those with disabilities and mental illnesses. With the Mental Health Service Act funding, the County’s Behavioral Health Department will operate three new crisis residential facilities to support our most vulnerable populations.

Standing Up for Rural Communities

Upon her appointment to the San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors, Dawn was a key ally in the fight to prohibit industrial-scale renewable energy projects from rural living districts. These industrial-scale projects would run the very reason residents choose to live in rural areas, and Dawn remains committed to protecting the interests of San Bernardino County’s rural districts.